Social Causes

Measures consumers’ and brands’ positions regarding the most important 11 social causes that are commonly used in political research., including gender inequality, state of the economy, climate change, etc.

Internal and External Focus

Measures if consumers and brands focus more on personal benefits or society around them.

Local and Global Perspective

Measures if consumers and brands see themselves as part of a local society or a citizen of the world.


Positions consumers and brands on a traditional liberal/conservative scale, considering economic, social, and safety dimensions of ideology.

Product Benefits Dimensions

Consumers make tradeoffs when they choose ideal benefits for the products and services they purchase. Similarly, brands must decide which product benefits they should focus on.


The BPB Index calculates the match between consumer preferences and the brand’s product benefits. Ten carefully selected tradeoff dimensions are used to construct this index. The dimensions are:

  • Price – Quality
  • Design – Functionality
  • Polite Service – Fast Service
  • Professionalism – Easy Going Attitude
  • Durability – Affordability
  • Uniqueness – Compatibility
  • Privacy – Personalization
  • Convenience – Exclusivity
  • Core Product – Customer Support
  • Experience – Ownership
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