Brand Social Value Model

Find the Best Marketing Strategy to Maximize your Brand Value. Brand Social Value (BSV) Model is based on a set of algorithms that maximize the predictive ability of individual indices and predict Brand Relationships, Brand Reputation, Loyalty, and Purchase Intention, and thus measure Brand Strength.

Brand Social Values Match Advantages

Reduces Measurement Bias

Our model relies on indirect measurements of relationships and brand perceptions. This way, bias, which is usually a problem in self-reported measures, is reduced.

Measures Consumer Bias

Compares self-reported social values match with true social values match.

Uses Multidimensional Approach

Uses a multidimensional approach with a proprietary algorithm that maximizes the ability of the Brand Social Values Index to predict Brand Loyalty (BL), Perceived Brand Reputation (BR), and Customer Relationship with a Brand (CBR).

Evaluates Social Reputation

Produces percentage value that can be used to objectively evaluate corporate social marketing strategies and reputation.

Brand Persona Survey

Develop your own unique brand personality by giving a set of human characteristics to your brand. Develop a custom brand persona for each market segment.

Brand Social Values

Consumers and brands both have their social values. These are measured with two corresponding instruments that allow comparison of individual values and calculation of match percentages. The Total Match Index is calculated considering the relative importance of each subdimension to maximize the predictive ability of BSV Match.

Product Benefits Dimensions

Consumers make tradeoffs when they choose ideal benefits for the products and services they purchase. Similarly, brands must decide which product benefits they should focus on. This index calculates the match between consumer preferences and the brand’s product benefits. Ten carefully selected tradeoff dimensions are used to construct this index.

Brand Persona Analysis

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Test Before You Post

Test how your social media content affects your brand social value and consumer sentiment before you post them. The unique algorithm checks the content and framing of your messages on different platforms.

Test on Different Market Segments

Evaluate how different content would be perceived by different market segments and get recommendations if you should proceed with the post.

Supported Platforms

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WeChat, Other

Buyer Persona Survey

Develop your own unique brand personality by giving a set of human characteristics to your brand. Brand persona is humanized representation of your brand’s values, benefits, and image. Why just make one, develop a custom brand persona for each market segment you target

Global Consumer Data

Receive access to Global data with State and City level data in the US. Unique Buyer Personas can be developed for each market segment. Test your strategies in real markets in real-time by comparing your brand and buyer personas to real consumers.

Data about 100S of Brands

Compare your brand social value to the performance of the competition. Find best examples of social marketing strategies and ways to improve your brand social values Recognize what aspects of your brand strategy perform the best.

Other Features

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