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Build Brand Personas that Match Your Customers and Test How Your Social Media Content Affects Relationship between Your Brand and Customers

Problem & Solution

Most branding and social media strategies are analyzed only after they have been launched

Test Marketing Strategy in Real Time: The BSV platform allows marketers to develop different brand personas and analyze how different market segments would react to them before they are made public. Avoid Guesswork: You can test how your social media content affects your brand's social value and consumer sentiment before you post them. The unique AI-powered algorithm examines the content and framing of your messages and develops recommendations so you always have a winning solution.

Brand Dashboard

Design your unique brand persona

Develop a custom brand persona for each market segment and analyze how customers react to it.

Social Media Dashboard

Develop Social Media Content that Consumers Care about

The unique algorithm checks the content and framing of your messages on different platforms and develops recommendations.

Competitive Set

Analytics about 100s of leading brands

Compare your brand value, brand loyalty, relationships. and performance to competition.


Build Brand Personas that Match Your Customers

Brand Social Value (BSV) Model helps you develop brand personas that can maximize the relationship with different customer segments, and increase brand reputation, customer loyalty, and spending.

The First Social Value Dashboard

The value that objectively evaluates social marketing strategies and brand reputation.

Brand Persona Designer

Award winning survey design tool for unique brand personas.

Buyer Persona Designer

Test your buyer personas against real customer data.

Access to Global Data

Learn about customers from around the world, understand what drives their decisions.

Unique Data from Your Customers

Our enterprise plan includes custom data from any market segment in the world.

Competitive Set Analytics

Compare your brand value to your competition.

“Brand Social Value (BSV) Indices – Instrument Development and Validation,” was selected as the best in track paper for the Branding and Brand Management track at the upcoming 2022 American Marketing Association (AMA) Summer Academic Conference

American Marketing Association
2022 Best in Branding Track Paper
Social Media Analysis

Develop Social Media Content that Consumers Care about

The unique algorithm checks the content and framing of your messages on different platforms and develops recommendations

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We offer transparent and flexible subscription models: 1) Select Plan – $299/month; 2) Advanced Plan – $499/month; 3) Enterprise Plan – Custom built to fit your unique needs. Examine all plans on this link.

Yes, we offer special plans for educational institutions. Special academic plan can be found here

Yes, we have special custom-tailored enterprise plans that would fit any operation. They include everything from our Advanced plan and can include custom data and up to an unlimited number of monthly reports and analyses.

Our Social Media analysis tool can test content that is posted on the most widely adopted Social Media platforms. We are working on the direct integration so you would be able to directly post from our app. More information will be coming soon.

All branding data is stored on our secure servers. Payment data and corporate information are separated from the main database to third-party secure servers

Beyond technical support, we offer a full range of consulting services regarding marketing research, brand design, and social media strategies. Please check our parent company MADintel.com for more information or contact us to schedule a meeting.

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Brand Social Value is a new venture by the team behind MADintel – a team of innovative researchers, marketers, new media developers, and IT professionals.

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We offer three competitive pricing options for Enterprise, Mid-Market, Start-Up clients.

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