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EU and Republic of Serbia Funding

Unlocking Brand Social Value with Innovative AI Solutions: A Journey of Recognition and Funding In today’s digital age, the significance of brand social value cannot be overstated. As consumers become increasingly socially conscious, they are not only interested in the […]

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2022 Corporate Social Value Index

By Milos Bujisic, PhD, Michael Diamond, and Jennifer Scott, DPhil Today, US consumers have a stronger relationship and affinity to brands with social values and purpose that are perceived as matching their own rather than interacting with brands based on […]

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Key Takeaways from 2022 Corporate Social Value Index Report

Brand Social Value Match is a key predictor of Brand Relationship and Brand Reputation. Consumers have a stronger relationship with brands with social values that are perceived as matching their own. Product Benefits Match is less important. A match between a […]

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Purpose Driven Marketing

Understanding a brand’s purpose and where the company stands on a range of issues is a central driver for how marketing leaders and business executives should be managing and growing their brands. This work from NYU adds to our understanding […]